Partner/Spouse Immigration

We provide assistance for Australian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their spouse or partner to migrate to Australia. An Australian Partner Visa allows married or de facto (same or opposite sex) couples to reunite and remain in Australia.

Planning to Marry

If you are planning to marry your partner in Australia, you will have a temporary visa for up to 9 months, until you marry. You can work, study and travel to and from Australia but must marry within 9 months.

Already in Aus

You can apply for a partner visa while already in Australia. The process and type of visa are different for partners who are onshore or offshore.


Children of Australian residents must be outside Australia when they apply for and are granted their visa. There are age requirements and the child must be dependent. Each child requires a separate application.

Re-unite Your Family

There are 37 different visa types to choose from for immigrating family members. We help you navigate the options and apply for the right visa to allow your family members to join you in Australia.

We take all of the stress out, by understanding your unique circumstances and building a personalised plan. The key is to plan early, so we can be pro-active in gaining a succesful outcome for you and your family.