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May 12, 2023

Australia Eases Student Visa Work Restrictions, Allowing 48 Hours Per Fortnight

Starting 1 July 2023, international students studying in Australia under a subclass 500 student visa will be able to work up to 48 hours per fortnight. The change comes as the Australian government rolls back temporary measures put in place during the pandemic, which allowed for unlimited work rights for student visa holders.

The new policy will apply to both primary and secondary student visa holders, with the maximum allowable working hours increasing from 40 to 48 per fortnight. Yet, students will still face certain work limitations, including restrictions on when they can start working in Australia.

Under current policy settings, student visa holders can only work once their course has begun. However, exemptions apply for those who held a visa that permitted them to work in Australia at the time of their visa application. Primary student visa holders studying a master’s degree by research or doctoral degree are also exempt from work limitations.

Secondary student visa holders, on the other hand, are subject to a blanket visa condition that restricts them to only working 40 hours per fortnight, unless the primary student visa holder is studying a master’s degree (coursework or research) or doctoral degree.

The move to increase work rights for international students is expected to provide significant benefits, allowing them to earn more money while studying in Australia. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Alex Halim and Associates today to receive expert assistance in navigating the Australian immigration process with ease.

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